Insanity Workout and Fit Test

Losing weight and getting into shape is one of the top priorities for many people around the world. Being obese or overweight carries many negative health risks such as increased risk of heart attack or stroke, higher blood pressure, diabetes, higher levels of bad cholesterol and much more.

One of the most popular and effective ways to decrease your body weight is training but not every training is effective as the cardio. Under the category of cardio training fall all workouts which raise your heart rate. It is proved that these exercises improve your shape, endurance and burn a lot of calories. Here are the most common cardio workouts – running, biking, jumping rope and swimming. Except the standard basic exercises, there are also whole fitness programs based on the cardio. This is also the case with the very popular program Insanity. With this program, you train your whole body and you don’t need any fitness equipment or gear. You will only use your own weight. What is different comparing to the other workouts? Insanity is based on the “max interval training” method. Let me explain. In the traditional interval training, you exercise at very intense rate only for a short period of time and then you rest for a longer period between the exercises. With Insanity we are having the opposite – you work out as hard as you can for 3-minute interval and then you rest only for 30 seconds. This high-intensity level of training is the “secret sauce” of the Insanity workout and that’s why you have way better results.

The workout

As we mentioned above you will use only your body weight. This means that your body will be weight and resistance while working out. You don’t need any fitness equipment just a TV on which you will watch the workouts, trainers for better stability on the ground and eventually a towel to wipe your sweat, believe me, you will sweat a lot. For most of the exercises, you will be standing but there will be some exercises on the ground too. Workouts include a lot of jumping, stretching and even yoga poses.

In the beginning, exercises are centred on cardio and then they shift slowly in more strength exercises. That way you will get exhausted during the cardio and your heart rate will keep it high level during the rest of the workout. This guarantee success and maximum effect.

The program contains 10 workouts. You will need between 30 and 60 minutes to complete each of the training. Weekly you have 6 training days with different workouts every day. During the whole 60 day period, your workouts will change every week.

For the first month of the program you will need to perform five different workouts:
PLYOMETRICS – this will develop your legs and glutes
UPPER BODY RESISTANCE – this workout target arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
PURE CARDIO – as you can imagine this is a pure cardio workout 
CARDIO ABS – this name also gives you a hint what is it about
RECOVERY – workout designed to give your body a break at the end of an insane week.

After successfully finishing you the first month of insane training you will do a full week of recovery. That includes daily cardio workouts and balance routines. Don’t let the name fool you, you will continue to sweat like a pig. This workout is not so hard as the workouts in the previous four weeks. Its purpose is to prepare your body for the upcoming month of extreme exercises.

These are the four new workouts for the second month:
MAX INTERVAL CIRCUIT – for the toughest interval workout you’ve done so far.
MAX INTERVAL PLYO – another workout aiming the legs development
MAX CARDIO CONDITIONING – extreme cardio workout.
MAX RECOVERY – workout for recovering your body at maximum levels

The Test

The Insanity Fit Test is one of the workouts in the Insanity fitness program. The test is designed to measure your current fitness strengths and weaknesses and it will help you gauge where you should start at in the program.
The Insanity program uses a variety of different workouts and exercises to shape your body, burn fat and tone your muscles to give you the body you’ve always wanted. The point of taking the Insanity Fit Test is to measure your beginning progress. As per the take the test at day one of the program and then every two weeks in order to measure your progress and see how well you’re progressing through the program. Below are the exercises which are included within the test:

  • Switch kicks – You kick each foot in front of your body with the intention of getting your feet above your waist.
  • Power jacks – Similar to jumping jacks, but instead of keeping your legs straight you lower into the squat position when your arms come down.
  • Power knees – Start off with your hands over your head. Raise your left leg as you simultaneously lower your hands towards your knees.
  • Power jumps – Start off in a squat position and jump as high as you can then land softly back onto the ground.
  • Globe jumps – The globe jump requires 4 jumps to equal one repetition. Jump right, then forward, back and then left, keeping your arms moving during the jumps.
  • Suicide jumps – Start off in the squat position and then rapidly transition to the push-up position, back to squat position and then jump while landing softly back onto your feet and return to squat position.
  • Push-Up jacks – Similar to a normal push-up except you move your legs outward while coming down.
  • Low plank oblique – Start off in the plank position. Bring your left forward to the side and forward, then repeat with right leg.

You can download and print the sheet below so you can write down your progress.