Are you ready for the Insanity fit test?

The Insanity workout has become a bestseller all over the world for a number of reasons.

On the one hand, it just plain flat-out works. More and more people are discovering that this just might be the most effective way to strip and written fat from all of its hiding spots in your body, giving you that tight and toned look you’ve been going for while at the same time increasing your overall health.

On the other hand, everything about the Insanity system has been designed to be step-by-step, easy to follow along, and powerfully integrated into a weight loss and health boosting platform – this is not some simple set of instructions and then you get turned lose to your own devices. No, you’ll have help every step of the way, not only when it comes to explaining every detail but also in boosting your motivation and helping you to unlock real results.

But you just can’t jump into Insanity right off the bat – you need to take the fitness test

This is an absolutely necessary part of the Insanity equation. Too many people think they are in much better shape than they really are, and end up injuring themselves or delaying their progress simply because they are going to heart. Now, I know that might sound a little bit crazy – after all, aren’t you supposed to unleash the gates of hell when it comes to effort on the Insanity program? – but you also need to make sure you’re not crippling your fat loss or fitness efforts by doing too much too soon.

Take the Insanity fit test ahead of time and then tailor the program to your specific needs, level, and desired results

Totally understanding that everyone who uses the Insanity program is going to be on a different level fitness wise, at a different place in their weight loss journey, the people behind Insanity included a built-in fitness test that will help you to understand exactly where you need to be when it comes to using this program.

You absolutely must – must – follow through with the Insanity fit test, if for no other reason than to totally understand exactly where you are right now and what you’re path along the Insanity fat loss journey is going to be. Once you have this information you’ll be able to romantically increase of the results you’re already able to enjoy, kicking your fitness into high gear and turning you into the tight and toned person you know yourself to be.